Irresistible Parody of tacky 1950s sci-fi movies - and Ed Wood's PLAN NINE FROM OUTER SPACE in particular - done in low-grade Black & White, with dialogue, costumes, and so-called special effects to match.

Trouble begins when Martians discover that earthlings have built an Atmos 4X Vaporizer that can wipe out whole planets. Everyone plays it straight, which is why this is such fun to watch. Even the names in the credits are a gag. Written by Tor Lowry. The same team later reunited for MONARCH OF THE MOON.

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Destination Mars  Tor Lowry, Richard Lowry, Rico Lowry, Lowry Brothers
DESTINATION MARS! behind the scenes pics. Check out our Behind the Scenes gallery for pictures you just won't find anywhere else! The picture above is when we were busted for filming in a park without a license. We all took off running in the true Ed Wood style.


Destination Mars  Tor Lowry, Richard Lowry, Rico Lowry, Lowry Brothers
Check out our FUN FACTS page to discover all the little extras that we've added to DESTINATION MARS!.


Destination Mars  Tor Lowry, Richard Lowry, Rico Lowry, Lowry Brothers
The DESTINATION MARS! DVD comes with a mocumentary which details the history of this movie and why it was shelved 50 years ago (cough, cough) by Joseph McCarthy.


The greatest cast/crew ever assembled:

Directed by:Richard Lowry
Written by: Tor Lowry
Produced by: Chris Patton
Edited/Music: Richard Lowry
Special Effects: Tor Lowry
Sci-fi Props: Robert Tovar
Costume Designer: Jose Rivera
Make-up: Rebekah Trigg
Associate Producer: Diane Lowry
Co-Producer: Brian Best

Blane Bob Harris
Jessica Sue Walters
Bobby Detective Kovaks
Henry Dr. Karnov
Sheila Lt. Dulek
Blake Colonel Greene
Adrian Corporal Smith
Charity Vorel
Jeff Stuart
Dan Joe the Cop
Kyle Barney the Cop
Bryan Rex
Fred Arnold
Lavale Edwards
Diane Pregnant Smoker
Jeff Fred
Mathew Little Bob
Grandma Grandma Points
Suzzette Syliar Complete with Martian women, flying saucers and a typical 1950s doomsday weapon story line, everyone agrees: Destination Mars has the exact look and feel of an actual 1950s movie...more



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